Keeping Sleep Simple


Insomnia is plaguing our generation more than any generation before us.  New studies are pouring in showing vast increases in sleep-related problems in the past 10 years.  Insomnia and sleep loss have been linked to the rise of ADHD and other disorders.  As the pace of our world quickens, good sleep habits seem to be slipping away.  There’s a reason for that – we climb into bed exhausted but with our minds reeling from sensory overload.  The best way to cure that?  Keep sleep simple.


Here at KISS Mattress, we take that very seriously.  We start with the mattress itself.  Three layers of foam hand picked for comfort and support.  That’s all you need.  These companies claiming to have a mattress with 47 layers of comfort are ridiculous.  Between every layer, you have to add glue or another type of binding agent, and that takes out the breathability.  More layers = Less comfort.  We found that 3 layers work the best, so that’s what we use.


We make buying a mattress easier, offering you peace of mind and making sure you have one less thing to stress over.  We offer two comfort levels: firm and plush.  That’s all you need.  And you can buy them for a simple price, with free shipping and no hidden fees.  One click, and the hassle is over.


We keep shipping simple too.  It’s free in the contiguous US, and a low flat rate anywhere else.  Just tell us where to send it, and we’ll bring it right to your door, usually in just 5-7 days.


After you get your mattress, we don’t stop there.  Come back to our blog and we will give you pro tips on how to make your sleep environment healthy and conducive to great sleep, how to set up your bed, cool natural remedies for sleepless nights, and so much more!  At KISS Mattress, your best night’s sleep is our top priority.


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