KISS Mattress Provides the Soundtrack For Your Night

If you’re the sort of person who needs music to fall asleep, then you’re not alone!  In fact, most people have a playlist to help them slumber.  The best sleep songs have a tempo of around 60 beats per minute, or bpm.  The natural slow feel of songs in this range help slow your heartbeat and will quickly lull you into your dreamland.  We suggest listening to songs on a quiet volume.  This allows it to serve essentially as white noise – and will reduce how often you wake up due to “peak noises” like a passing car, a slamming door, etc.

We’ve picked out a selection of great songs that people around the office use to go to sleep.  So take a listen, mellow out, and follow us on Spotify!  We are constantly updating this playlist, so make sure you follow it!

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