Latex vs. Memory Foam

Latex vs Memory Foam

Here at KISS Mattress, we want to give you the Best Night Of Your Life.  That’s why we only use the best materials available to us to create our mattresses.  Our natural, hypoallergenic Talalay latex is the best sleep material in the world.  We chose it after subjecting one lucky test dummy to several nights on various mattress types from memory foam to innersprings.  

His findings?  That memory foam, while comfortable in a store, was less glamorous at home.  Some of his complaints were that he felt trapped in the foam, it slept hot, and that it has a bad odor.  Turns out he wasn’t alone in these complaints, as many consumers lodge similar complaints.  

And so the hunt continued.  We searched for the perfect mattress material until we came upon latex, which makes a mattress so comfortable even Goldilocks would fall in love with it.  Latex has the same foam properties that make memory foam so popular: great sink, cloud-like comfort.  But latex has a higher “bounce” that gives it more support and eliminates the feeling of being trapped in the mattress.

The latex also has natural ventilation that keeps it nice and cool during sleep.  Because while you can crank your thermostat down every night to compensate for your mattress, wouldn’t it be nice if your mattress knew what you wanted and stayed cool like the flip side of the pillow?  Yeah.  We thought so too.  

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