Nightlife Spotlight: Atlanta


Looking for a spectacular night out on the town?  Come to the Big Peach.  Atlanta’s got it all!  From a thriving collection of microbreweries, gastropubs, and bars to a plethora of comedy clubs and cultural icons, there is always something new to do in A-Town.  And here at KISS Mattress, we like to think of ourselves as the official sponsor of the Best Night Of Your Life!



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Shows, Concerts, Music

If you’re in the mood for live music, then Atlanta is the city for you.  With more music venues than we can possibly list here, we’re forced to give you an abridged list of our favorites.  Up first is an intimate little venue that hosts a variety of acts, the Variety Playhouse.  We also suggest Center Stage, a great collection of venues that include the Loft, Center Stage Theater, and Vinyl,  each with their own distinct sound and lineup.  There’s also the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater and of course the legendary annual Music Midtown.  If you’re in the mood to laugh, check out some of these amazing comedy venues, like Laughing Skull, Village Theater, or Atlanta Improv and Dinner Theater.  For those looking for a more refined evening, check out the Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Symphony, or the Shakespeare Tavern.


Bars, Brews, Pubs

Want to wet your whistle?  Atlanta has more bars, pubs, breweries, and cocktail lounges than we could ever visit.  So we’ve given you a rundown of our favorites.  One of the classic Midtown watering holes is undoubtedly the Wrecking Bar, which sits in a renovated mansion in the heart of the city.  If you just can’t keep your feet still and feel like cutting the rug, head over to the Sound Table in Edgewood.  If you’re looking for a swanky little joint to drink and listen to great blues music, then Blind Willie’s is the spot for you.  If you’re into the strange, then check out Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium.  The name should speak for itself.  Finally, the Clermont Lounge, the city’s unlikeliest bar, is another great spot to visit.

Whatever your plans are for your night, KISS Mattress has your back.  Because nothing’s better than coming home to a KISS.  Shop our mattresses today and every night can feel like the Best Night Of Your Life.


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