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KISS Mattress started when a father and son decided that it was time for a change in the mainstream mattress industry. Tired of seeing an archaic business model hurt manufacturer and consumer alike, they started a journey to revolutionize the way we buy mattresses by offering a top-quality mattress at a fair price. They started with their combined 65 years of experience in the mattress industry (including 16 years shipping mattresses around the country in a box) and designed a mattress that was elegant in its simplicity. Then they set out to get it to their customers without the complicated and costly hassle of middlemen and retailers. The rest is history.

“One of the best advantages to our extensive history in making mattresses,” says Larry Wolfe, CEO, “is that we own the factory where we make our products. Few other bed-in-a-box style mattress manufacturers can claim that.”

He explains that he and his son “saw the mattress industry start to slowly fail in 1999. The business model is archaic, and we decided it was time for an experienced mattress maker to embrace the 21st Century. We want a mattress that is more than a white blob in your bedroom. We want a mattress that will make your bedroom sexy and fun again.”

A mattress shouldn’t be complicated. Buying one shouldn’t be either.

Furniture Bank Association


At KISS Mattress, we believe that giving back is important. We have a responsibility to the community to make a difference. That’s why with every purchase you make, we will give 10% to Furniture Bank Association of North America so no child will ever have to sleep on the floor again.

If you want more information about this awesome charity, check out their page at http://www.furniturebanks.org