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Keep-ing Sleep Simple (KISS)

We had a combined 65 years making mattresses before we started KISS Mattress. We saw the old business model of “manufacturer – wholesaler – retailer” struggle to keep up with demand, and eventually fail to offer the best quality product at competitive prices. So what is the problem?

Exorbitant Prices

Exorbitant Markups

If you go to a store today and buy a mattress, there’s a really good chance you’re spending too much. It’s the unfortunate reality of how the industry is set up. Every time the mattress changes hands before it gets to you, it gets marked up. So when you buy a mattress from a store, you’re paying for the mattress, the store’s overhead, the retail company’s CEO bonus, the wholesaler’s profit margin, and shipping between each place the mattress goes.

When you buy from KISS Mattress, you pay for the mattress. That’s it.

Faulty Products

Mass produced mattresses are never going to be as good as a KISS Mattress. That’s just the truth of the matter. We take time on your mattress, getting it right, checking and rechecking each detail, then checking again. We don’t have a quota to produce. We only focus on making you the best mattress possible.When you buy from KISS Mattress, you pay for the mattress. That’s it.

Faulty Products


Sleep is about relaxing. So don’t stress out about your mattress. We’ve got you.

Cheap Materials

Cheap Materials

You’d be shocked how many companies try to cut costs by sacrificing quality materials for cheap ones. That includes our direct competitors. But in our opinion, a mattress is what goes into it. You can’t have a great mattress if the manufacturer skimps on the raw materials. All of our materials come from right here in the United States, are carefully selected, and checked several times for quality. The materials that go into a KISS Mattress are literally top of the line.

The Solution

How does a team who used this broken business model for years help fix the problem? By radically and fearlessly changing every step of the process, cutting out the fat and leaving only the muscle. We streamlined the whole process by cutting out the middleman and giving you the best mattress possible for a fraction of the cost. With a streamlined and efficient business model, a strong dedication to company giving and community service, and a philosophy built around providing quality to the customer, we are truly a mattress company for the 21st Century.

We have a strong dedication to keeping sleep simple. Hence the name KISS! Everything we offer is designed for simplicity. The design is simple. Extra layers means less breathability and comfort. So we only used 3.

The usual 3 comfort levels of a mattress (soft, medium, and firm) is actually ineffective. Most of the time the medium is not a significant change off the soft. So we only offer 2. Plush and Firm.

Our whole mission is to cut the complicated stuff. We want to make a simple mattress, for a simple price, and ship it to you without the hassle.

The KISS Solution