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You know that awesome feeling when you flip the pillow over and sink your face into it? Yeah. That’s how a KISS Mattress feels. Except you don’t have to flip it over. It’s just that awesome all the time.

The latex is what keeps you cool. The float foam is what makes it feel like you are faceplanting a cloud. We tested the balance of latex to foam relentlessly until even Goldilocks gave it the thumbs up.

(No fairy tale creatures were harmed in the making of this mattress.)

How it Feels
Our Design


Are you looking for a little bit of fairy tale princess luxury? Our blended rayon and polyester knit cover is the perfect fit for a bed that feels like it was spun from clouds. As per our fairy godmother’s directive, there’s no harmful chemicals hidden in our bed, and our fire retardant barrier is a non-toxic blend of rayon and silica. Basically, if you happen to be tricked into taking a bite out of a poison apple, you can rest knowing that you’ll be sleeping safely until your prince arrives.


Float foam is similar to memory foam, only better. Designed to be more responsive to your body without the heat-increasing properties that memory foam has become known for, float foam is truly the best material for the base of any mattress.

Our Foam Base
Our Latex


The top layer of a KISS Mattress is latex foam. We’re not talking about the kind of latex that makes you uncomfortable in a doctor’s office. This breathable material is specifically designed for sleep and creates a cool-to-the-touch surface.

Latex foam is also known for its springy nature, providing far superior support than standard memory foam. We not only use this material, but we use the highest possible quality, ensuring a truly superior quality to any imitator.

“We believe in Keeping Sleep Simple. We craft a superior mattress using superior materials. And we do it all right here in the United States.

Then we pass the savings directly to you.”


Our 100% FREE SHIPPING policy takes the hassle out of the delivery process. Using a highly sophisticated team of foxes, equipped with state-of-the-art jet packs, we make sure you get your KISS Mattress with as little wait as humanly possible. Or foxily possible.

With refueling time, we estimate those clever little critters will be dropping your KISS Mattress at your door in 7 to 10 days.


We take all this cool stuff, and we put it together as a made-to-order mattress just for you in our factory in Arizona. We would go into more technical detail, but we don’t want to put you to sleep before your new mattress gets there!

Kiss Mattress Shipping Box