Everyone has that one position they sleep in most of the time.  For me, it’s the Freefaller (see below).  If you’re in love with the current trend of finding out what every aspect of your life means about you, then have we got a blog post for you!  Except here’s the kicker:  this is actually based on real science!  It’s an idea that’s been bounced around in medical journals since the 1940’s and has even landed on WebMD!


1. The Fetus Position
The fetus position is the most common sleeping positions in the world, with 41% of people curling it up for their sleep.  People who adopt this position are typically shy, especially when they first meet someone new.  Their shyness can sometimes be misinterpreted for having a prickly exterior, but in reality they typically have very kind hearts.
2.  The Log Position
Log sleepers make up about 15% of the population.  These people tend to be social butterflies, with a naturally easy-going personality.  They are usually very trusting people, though that sometimes extends to being gullible.  Log sleepers are among the most popular people in a community.
3. The Yearner Position
Yearners sleep on their side with both arms out in front of them.  They make up approximately 13% of the population, and can be described as inquisitive people with open minds who are quick to question the facts rather than blindly accept them.  That being said, sometimes those qualities go the extreme and leave the yearner cynical.  It may be difficult for a yearner to make up their minds or decide on a course of action, but once they do, it is very rare for them to deviate.
4.  The Soldier Position
The soldier sleepers account for just 8% of the total population, and are frequently quiet, reserved, and introverted.  That’s not to say they’re timid; in fact, they’re usually quite confident when they do speak up.  They may not be quick to voice their opinions, but they tend to set extremely high standards for themselves and others.
5.  The Freefaller Position
Freefall sleepers, about 7% of people, are often wide open when they’re awake.  They are energetic, passionate people who are often the life of the party.  They can come off as flaky and brash, but really they’re just trying to have a good time.  While they show an exterior of devil-may-care attitude, they can often be very sensitive to criticism, and may take things personally (even if they don’t show it).
6.  The Starfish Position
Starfish, who make up around 5% of the population, are the friendliest of the sleepers.  They’re always willing to offer help or advice, but they don’t like being the center of attention or receiving public thanks for their help.  They are great at going with the flow, but that can lead to coming across as a bit listless.
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