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Best Mattress for Quality Sleep


When do I need to purchase a new mattress?

How do I know if I need a new mattress?

Do you frequently wake up groggy or lightheaded? Do you find yourself sleeping better at a friends house or hotel? Do you feel pain in your neck or back when you wake up? Do you find it easier to nap on a couch? Does your bed make sounds when you rotate sleeping positions or get in an out of bed?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions without hesitation, it is probably time to consider getting a new bed setup. Everybody needs a good nights sleep to avoid feeling like a zombie the next morning. 

Sleep is absolutely necessary for a long, healthy life. It is hard to be productive when you find yourself tired all the time. A good quality bed setup is the key to getting a good nights rest. 

How do you define a perfect mattress?

There is no universal, perfect bedding that will provide the same amount of comfort for everyone. The best way to determine how comfortable you will feel in a specific bed is to go and test out materials from a variety of different brands. Similar to buying a car, you have to spend copious amounts of time researching brands and comparing materials. 

There are several companies that offer a trial period giving you the opportunity to use the product for a certain period of time, and then return the item if you are not satisfied. Furniture manufacturers will often recommend that adults research the best bedding materials to find that perfect bed. The origin and materials used on your bed will make all the difference. Some crafting materials used to make bedding are mold resistance and allergen resistance.

The KISS Mattress covers many different sleep styles by basically having two mattresses in one. The best of both worlds can be had by buying a mattress with both latex and float foam, plus there is a 100 night sleep trial where you can try it out and decide if the mattress is right for you completely risk free.

Setting your financial budget

If you are shopping with a strict budget, then the mattress should be the primary focal point. If you have planned for this purchase for a while and saved up some extra money, consider buying a new bed foundation if yours is old and worn down. The bedding will sag if the base is no longer sturdy.

An adjustable slatted foundation is the best type of base for people who have back issues or want the ability to have adjustment in their mattress feel. The slats can make the base more or less firm to create a different feel. KISS Mattress has an adjustable foundation that can also be used as a platform base by adding the legs that come with it. You can have a clean, modern and totally adjustable setup that will grow with you for years to come.

Consider other lifestyle changes

Purchasing a new bed setup can still fail if you do not fix bad habits. Drinking a lot of caffeine before bed will keep you up at night, despite having the perfect bed. Teens and adults should not rest with their electronics. Many experts agree that a bedroom should be used strictly for rest and sex. Your brain will trick you into thinking you have important work emails to answer or a work task to complete, and it will be much harder to fall asleep. The blue light that electronics emit throws off the brain's natural bedtime clock. Finish up an assignment on your laptop and then put it away before entering the bedroom. Leave your worries outside of the bedroom. Focus on spending some time with your significant other and enjoy a nice, cozy night. Your laptop or tablet will be there for you when you wake up.