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What is the Ideal Bedtime


Getting enough rest is not only recommended, it’s something your body requires to properly function. Unfortunately, many people of all ages do not get enough rest, and it has a negative effect on their overall quality of life. The biggest benefit of getting enough rest is quality of life. Your body needs rest to recharge, and you’re not doing your body any favors by not getting enough sleep. If you’re not sure you believe this, it’s time to learn how much rest you need, why rest is important, and how you can get a better night’s rest by changing your daily habits and even buying a new mattress. 

How Much Rest Do You Need? 

Not everyone needs the same amount of rest at night. How much shut-eye you need depends largely on your age. The general rule is you need at least seven hours of rest each night for your body to properly function. The National Sleep Foundation provides a recommended list of time required for rest each night based on age. 

-Newborns need 14 to 17 hours of rest per day 

-Babies need 12 to 15 hours of rest per day 

-Toddlers ages 1-2 need 11 to 14 hours of rest

-Toddlers ages 3-5 need 10 to 13 hours of rest

-Children 6 to 13 need 9 to 11 hours rest 

-Teens 14-17 need 8 to 10 hours rest each night 

-Adults 18-64 require 7 to 9 hours rest

-Seniors require 7 to 8 hours rest each night

The ideal bedtime depends on the time you wake up in the morning and the number of hours you need to rest each night. For example, if you wake up at 5 am and you require 7 to 8 hours of rest each night, you should go to bed no later than 10 pm every night to get enough rest. 

The Benefits of Adequate Rest 

People who get enough rest at night are healthier, more energetic, and live a better quality of life than those who don’t. The benefits are astounding, but you might not be aware just how beneficial it is for you to get the kind of rest you need each night. 

-Better health 

-Less chronic pain 

-More energy 

-Improved immune system 

-Increased brain function 

-Better mood 

-Weight control 

-Increased memory function 

If you get the correct amount of rest each night, you live a better life. You have more energy during the day to get done the things you need to do. You have a better mood, which can improve many other areas of your life, and you are less susceptible to illness and disease. 

How to Get More Rest

The problem for many people is time. Society is busy. It’s trendy and popular right now to have the busiest calendar rather than the fullest life, and it’s causing people to become ill and to find less enjoyment and pleasure in their lives. If you want to get more rest and find a better quality of life, you must take the time to focus on prioritizing your life to make room for more rest each night. 

1.Go to bed earlier – The best way to get more rest each night is to turn off electronics and put away whatever you’re doing so you get more rest each night. 

2.Prioritize your life – If you can’t find time in your life to rest more at night, it’s time to make a list of the things you’re doing each day that prevent you from resting and prioritize your life. Get rid of things that don’t add to your life and focus on things that do. 

3.Buy a new mattress – You should replace your mattress every 8 years, and it’s time for you to buy a new one if you haven’t. The mattress you use at night can affect your rest, and it’s time to learn how. 

These are simple tips to help you get more rest at night, but it’s buying a new mattress that can really make the biggest difference. For one, you want to go to bed earlier at night if you love the way your mattress feels. You also want to buy one that works for your body. If your mattress is too thick, too firm, too soft, or too wrong for your body, you might not get a good night of rest. A good night of rest is just as important as a long night of rest. 

A Kiss Mattress, for example, can help you improve your bedtime routine by allowing you to customize to suit your needs. You can opt for a latex layer beneath the top of the mattress for a firmer feel, or you can opt for a floating foam layer that offers a softer feel. Bedtime is better when your mattress is comfortable and inviting. It’s finding the right mattress that can make the difference in how you rest at night. 

Getting enough rest is important, but it’s getting quality rest that makes the biggest difference. Tossing and turning for 8 hours is not nearly as good for your body as getting 6 solid hours of rest on a great mattress. It’s time to figure out what’s stopping you from being as rested as possible and fix it. You should live the best possible life, and a new mattress might be the answer you’ve been looking for.