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The Flex Foundation offered by Kiss Mattress is the last foundation you will ever need. It keeps things both simplistic and affordable by doubling as a platform base for your mattress. Each shipment contains four screw in legs that can be attached to the base of the foundation, or you can go without the legs and use as a basic foundation in order to accommodate most modern bed frames. If you decide to update the look of your bedroom or need to move into a new living space, your bedroom set does not need to be a hinderance. The flex foundation can move with you for years to come.

Don’t confuse most other foundations with the flex, because the adjustability of this base offers so much more for you and your partner. The steel frame allows for a lifetime of use while the European wooden lumbar slat system gives you the ability to adjust the firmness or softness of the support under your mattress. This means if you and your partner prefer different levels of flexibility you can adjust each side of the bed to suit one another’s needs. We recognize that there may be mattresses on the market that promise this same ability, but who wants to sleep on a mattress with a clear separation line right down the middle? By putting the adjustability in the foundation, you create a less obvious transition that will keep both partners comfortable while allowing the mattress layers to stay uniform for longer lasting durability.

The flex base is fully encased in a washable fabric. You can sleep peacefully knowing your foundation is dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, recyclable, breathable and offers superior support. We believe in offering products that evolve, change and continually improve to bring the latest technology and comfort into the homes of our customers. We employ rigorous independent testing and quality control inspectors to ensure our unique designs meet or exceed all specifications. Buy a flex base with your Kiss Mattress and find out why this product pairing keeps sleep simple!