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Do you and your spouse have different ideas about how to sleep comfortably? The key to any good relationship is making sure each partner is having their needs met and sleep is an important aspect of overall health and well being. Since today is officially "spouse day" Kiss Mattress is addressing the main reasons couples should invest in our unique mattress to improve their collective sleep comfort. We will cover common sleep issues and look at how the development of the Kiss Mattress resolves these issues so that you and your spouse can get a good night of sleep.

Pressure Points

The KISS Mattress reduces pressure points by having float foam and latex built in to give the best of both world's without creating surface tension. When couples sleep on an innerspring bed, the springs can create pressure points that will effect the ability to wake up feeling refreshed. If you or your partner get up in the morning feeling achy then the issue might be resolved by trying a mattress type that does not have any areas where there is surface pressure created by springs.

Transfer of Movement

Springs also have the negative effect of transferring movement. All of those springs are interconnected within the mattress on a steel frame, so when one partner gets restless and rolls over, the other partner will feel that movement. Being moved by your partner in bed might not be so bad that you become fully awake and alert, but it could be just enough to take you out of deep sleep, which over time, reduces the ability to become fully rested at night. 

Hot Sleepers

Kiss Mattress has the breathability of latex to keep sleepers cooler throughout the night while offering the plushness of our float foam which conforms to the body. Our float foam technology was developed with the hot sleeper in mind so it does not absorb heat the same way that memory foam does, yet it provides the same benefit in the way it feels. When you sleep on a Kiss Mattress you won't have to worry about a hot sleeper turning your bed into a microwave because that heat does not transfer into the surface of the bedding.

This technology Keeps. Sleep. Simple. Our goal when developing the Kiss Mattress was to make your home a happier place by ensuring everyone sleeps comfortably. You can check out the many benefits the KISS Mattress has to offer, order one for your home today and try it risk free for 100 days! If you are not happy then we offer a no hassle return policy.